, one of the most popular Java DSL, known about testing REST services and where you can to find many blog posts and tutorials, has also made it easier to write automation tests with Kotlin thanks to the new module that comes with version 4.1.0.

This module named kotlin extensions has some useful functions with its structure suitable for Gherkin syntax like in the main library.

The simple view of the functions is as follows:

Given {
header("Header", "Header")

} When {
} Then {
body("message", equalTo("greetings"))

} Extract {

Besides that, it has…

Undoubtedly, Selenium is the most used web application testing framework in the field of QA and especially in test automation projects. Since this framework supports many programming languages, quite a few test frameworks have entered our lives in automation projects and it is possible to meet new frameworks in the coming years either. However, I will not tell you about the newest framework. The Jest that I’m going to explain today is a testing framework that is maintained by Facebook that loves to use and known as well by many software developers who can write JavaScript. The survey for 2019…

Burak Kaygusuz

Quality Assurance | Test Automation | Software Engineer in Test

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